Question re ChartsEngine

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Dec 4 06:01:40 EST 2013

(I  know there's a forum specifically for ChartsEngine - if I could 
figure out how to post there, I might have used it :-)

There was a problem (a long time ago) with setting maxY for a stacked 
line chart, causing the highest line to be drawn at the maxY rather than 
at its actual height ( ) but that was 
apparently fixed in 1.1.1

I seem to be getting a kind of similar problem with stacked bar charts - 
setting a value for maxY shifts all bars up to the top of the chart. 
(This is with ChartsEngine Demo, stacked bar chart sample - just setting 
maxY made it happen).
Has anyone else seen this ?
Or know a way round it ?

Also - once you've set a value for maxY - how can you 'unset' it ? 
Simply setting
   set charts["maxY"] of tchart to empty
doesn't seem to take it away properly.

I'd give more detail - but I don't want to use up my limited number of 
tries with the demo version, so can't run it again just to give a better 

-- Alex.

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