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Tue Dec 3 19:25:19 EST 2013

On 12/3/13 3:31 PM, John wrote:
 >     I somehow managed to miss the fact that as it stands now,
 > you cannot sell LC produced apps on the Mac App Store if your
 > app reads or writes files.  This is a long standing issue (see
 > and
 >     In this case, I have a great deal of effort put into this
 > project and, had I known, I would have done something different
 > (used Xojo for instance).  Given I was burned, I thought someone
 > else might appreciate a heads up.

While both the report from October and the one from 35 hours ago are 
clearly important, if I understand them correctly there are two details 
worth noting:

- Neither prevents your apps from reading or writing files.  The issue
   appears to be with the older Carbon call made for the Ask File and
   Answer File dialogs, so any file I/O that doesn't require the user
   to name the files is unaffected.

- This only affects sandboxed apps, so while this does affect Mac app
   store submissions until it's resolved, it seems you can still
   distribute your app through the Web like most of the bigger publishers
   continue to do.

Even Apple's own subsidiary, Filemaker, started distributing though the 
app store only yesterday.

And FWIW, judging from the dozens of sandboxing-related posts in the 
Xojo forums, it seems it's not exactly simple for folks to rewrite their 
apps to comply with Apple's changing policies no matter which tool they use.

I agree that it's important to see these resolved as quickly as 
possible, but knowing their actual scope may help other developers even 

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