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On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 7:22 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:

> Half a second is quite a long delay. You could bounce signals off the
> moon in that time.

Yes, but not across Las Vegas . . . :)

At home, I'm on a Clear wireless connection.  I have a bunch of blocks of
code like

  put the milliseconds into strt
  put the milliseconds - strt into stp

stp is generally 500 ms, give or take.

When I"m actually on the localnet, whether on the server itself or my
laptop, I don't notice a lag.

A threaded stack would solve this for me, but as it stands, the database
functions take a long time, so I have to hide them from the user.
Primarily, I watch time since the last keystroke, and if it gets to a
couple of seconds, hitting the db is fair game..  But for my needs, a
semaphore system would be sufficient:  People *could* enter conflicting
things on different systems,but for this type of application, if that is
happening, there is a bigger problem in the firm than I can hope to help
with  (It means that Jane is entering data which conflicts with with what
sue is entering.  You either owe Macy's$500 or $700 . . .).  As such,
updating the local db to just have the information that soeone else entered
is enough, even if it takes a couple/several seconds.   Blocking the user,
though, is *bad*.

(OK, I'm an impatient person, and my software reflects this.  10+ years
ago, I had an SE/30 rather than an SE over this . . .   Never buy your
software from someone who isn't lazy & impatient!)

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