Words that must not be spoken

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at mac.com
Mon Dec 2 12:04:40 EST 2013


I just confirmed this. This happens with the “curly” quotes and apostrophe characters. The non curly ones work.

Since Text Edit and the system itself can do it correctly I suspect this is a LiveCode issue not a System Preference setting.

For now you could add a routine that replaces the curly quotes, etc. with non curly ones and your proofreading work work again.

Bill Vlahos

On Dec 2, 2013, at 6:33 AM, Jim Hurley <jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I have just moved over to a Macbook Air running OS X 10.9
> I have a utility that I have long used for proofreading. I click on a word of text, and RR begins to read from that point on. (Great for distinguishing between references to the  "Public Defender" or the  "Pubic Defender.")
> It has run well in all versions of LC, but now balks at any text containing an apostrophe or quote and perhaps other characters that I haven't yet explored. It won't even *begin* to speak text containing these characters. But it will speak that same text if I remove just those offending characters. 
> Is there a language setting in the Mac preferences that I need to change to make the text agreeable to revspeak?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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