Checking for 'quit' and aborting shutdown

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Dec 2 11:39:11 EST 2013

No, that's sent when the user chooses 'quit', and it's also sent when OSX chooses 'quit' for you, i.e. when someone chooses 'Shut Down' in the main menu of the machine. So my script can't say "I'll ask my user nicely if he/she really wants to shut down, unless it's an order from OSX High Command, in which case I'll just cave in and do it". I suppose there may be something one can do with Apple Events, but then I'd be left with the same issue on the PC. Maybe asking "are you sure?" should be deprecated.

Thanks for the reply.


On 2 Dec 2013, at 15:39, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Graham Samuel wrote:
> > Is there any way to effectively detect a general shutdown as opposed
> > to just 'quit'?
> Would shutdownRequest cover what you need?
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