iOS write to file issue

Sergio Schvarstein sschvarstein at
Mon Dec 2 11:24:23 EST 2013


I am trying to write a simple text file in iOS. It works OK in iOS simulator but it doesn’t work on a device.

The file contains only a number, which is the number of the card I want to go while opening the stack. My intention is to simulate multitasking for opening the last card viewed in the previous session while reopening the app.

Here are my scripts:

1. First I open the file at preOpenStack for reading its value. 

local myFile, myVariable

on preOpenStack

    put specialFolderPath("home") & “/“ into myFolder
    put “myfile.txt” into myFilename
    put myFolder & myFilename into myFile

    open file myFile
    read from file myFile for 1       — the file contains only a number
    put it into myVariable              — here I save the card number where to jump
    close file myFile

end preOpenStack

This works OK and I jump to the card later, after some inits.

go card myVariable

2. Then, I move to different cards and I store the card number in myVariable. While closing the app:

on shutdown

   open file myFile for write
   write myVariable to file myFile      — this is supposed to replace the contents of the file with the new card number, which is stored in myVariable
   close file myFile

end shutdown

This script doesn’t works on the device, because when I reopen the app it always jumps to card 1.
In iOS Simulator it works ok and jumps to the last card viewed while reopening.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Schvarstein
sschvarstein at


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