6.1.3 incompatible with 10.9 sandboxing

John john at onechip.com
Mon Dec 2 01:43:21 EST 2013


   I have gone around in circles for a couple of days and it appears that something has changed when code signing and sandboxing.  This is happening under OS 10.9.

   I am using App Wrapper to code sign and sandbox my app.  The app works as expected before I sign it.  After I sign it there are major issues when I attempt to open a save dialog using “ask file”.  At first I though it was an OS version issue (10.9 versus 10.8.5).  It isn’t.  Sam at Ohanaware has been very helpful but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong on his end.  This seems to have something to do with sandboxing.

   Does anybody know if working under 10.8.5 will solve this issue?  Is anyone else seeing this issue?  Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Help...


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