scrollerDidScroll problem

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Sun Dec 1 22:12:24 EST 2013

Learning about Android scroller controls. Finally got scrolling
working on my device. But ran into either a problem or a bug.

Here is the script where I think the problem is happening:

on scrollerDidScroll hOffset, vOffset
   // When the user scrolls move field "theField"
   set the vScroll of group "scrollArea" to vOffset
end scrollerDidScroll

Scrolling works but the field gets lopped off soon as I scroll. That
is to say, even when the field is scrolled back up to its topmost
position, a top portion of that field remains hidden above the group's
rect area.

The equally odd thing is tha the vScroll value in that lopped portion
always equals the "Top" value of the group's rect. I tested this by
repositioning the group in the IDE and then relaunching the app on the

So, is it me or is it a bug? Most probably me, so, any solutions?

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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