Robert Brenstein rjb at
Sun Dec 1 19:27:39 EST 2013

On 30.11.2013 at 18:27 Uhr -0800 Mark Wieder apparently wrote:
>they've got an innovative approach to sharing storage: if a folder is
>shared among three people, they are each apportioned one third of the
>storage limit, so teams aren't paying for storage more than once. As I
>understand it, if you have a 20GB limit and you put 10GB in your
>shared folder, and so do two other people you've shared it with, there
>are now 30GB in that folder but you're still within your storage
>allocation limit.

This sounds quite reasonable. However, that also means that if 5 
people share a folder and auto-syncing is active, some 100 gb could 
easily show up on my local disk if that service worked like dropbox.


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