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> that looks interesting.
> Would you mind to share your .irev file,
> so others could find out how to do that on their servers also?
> Regards,
> Matthias



this stuff is all experimental but works great for me.

a zip of the 'master' iRev file for "Directory Player" is

this code is probably going to look like Siberian noodleworks without
knowing the context.  I work with a lot of different media in conjunction
with with making records and use the web extensively to communicate and
exchange files with my clients. Since I'm the only one using this, I don't
need a fancy UI and instead upload files using an SFTP client.  My goal:
 to create a web-based player for every thing I do, and have it create it's
own properties. In addition to the simple 'directory player' I've created

a video player  (using JW player + minimal javascript ) that creates a
playlist in real time from the contents of the folder, offers direct URL
play, download option, otherwise file locations are obfuscated.

an audio player (using JW player + minimal javascript ) that does the same

a directory player that simply shows directories within a directory, and
conditionally allows navigation through the areas.

a gallery player  that shows photo files in the directory.

All these are designed for FAST setup.

The rest of this rap relates to the simple download player:

I've created a 'system' of folders that uses a 'player' for a particular
use or that makes it easy for me to display media of different types
super-quickly by simply uploading the files, filling out a prefs file and
placing a short re-director file in the directory.  This "INCLUDES" the
master file as if it is running in the folder and the master can then make
local references.  In the files-directory player I go further and modify
apache using .htaccess so that I can bypass automatic browser players and
the media files can be downloaded with a normal click:

htaccess file at top of download folder

*AddType application/octet-stream aif*
*AddType application/octet-stream tif*
*AddType application/octet-stream psd*
*AddType application/octet-stream qt*
*AddType application/octet-stream zip*
*AddType application/octet-stream mp3*
*AddType application/octet-stream m4a*

the index file looks like this. it includes the master file in the lib
the master file can also work in the folder solo without abstraction.

*  set the itemdelimiter to "/"*
*  include (item 1 to 4 of it) & "/_lib/download-player.irev"*

(text limit - continued on part two)​

*Stephen Barncard - San Francisco Ca. USA - Deeds Not Words*

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