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Sun Dec 1 12:16:43 EST 2013

Hi Rick,

Am 01.12.2013 um 18:11 schrieb Rick Harrison <harrison at>:

> Hi there,
> Ok, I used to know how to do this.
> Now when I try to copy imageData
> from one image to another I just get
> garbage in the targeted image.
> set the imageData of image "TargetImage" of this card to the imageData of image "OriginalImage" of this card
> I’ve been through the archives trying
> to figure out what is going wrong
> but no joy.
> Suggestions?

Yes :-)

Setting the imagedata requires that both images (source and target) have the SAME
height and width! If they don't you see garbage!

Set "the text" property instead:
set the text of image "TargetImage" to the text of img "OriginalImage"

> Thanks,
> Rick



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