resizing datagrids on mobile

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I keep hearing legends of a plugin named ListMagic which provided many of
the features discussed in this thread but is no longer available?

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On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Richard Gaskin
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> Andre Garzia wrote:
>  I think we need real tables, not the datagrid. Even though the datagrid is
>> a really impressive proof of what can be done with LiveCode alone, it is
>> really hard to use some times.
> When you need a form layout for displays which may exceed 32k pixels, the
> DataGrid is a great solution.
> But for simple lists, unless you're displaying financial data the native
> field object works great, better now in v5.5 than ever before since we now
> have zero-width columns so we can include things like record IDs without
> having to show those to the user.  Up to 4GB of data can be displayed
> easily in a single object that buffers and scolls more smoothly than Excel.
> The only drawback to fields is with financial data, since you'll need
> independent column alignment to right-align numbers while left-aligning
> text.
> With all the new stuff they added to fields for v5.5 I can't imagine how
> they overlooked the proposed tabAlign property:
> <**show_bug.cgi?id=2282<>
> >
> Being able to specify distinct alignments for each column is essential for
> any app that displays numeric data.
> With so many other long-awaited list essentials already implemented in
> v5.5, I'm hoping we'll see tabAlign in v5.5.3.
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