Card Names

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Sep 27 18:25:10 EDT 2012

It would appear that a card shown in the App Browser with a name like "card
id 1002" (in other words, the default name when the card was created)
doesn't really have that name, or maybe any name at all.

I get a runtime error when I try to refer to a card like that by name, e.g.
card "card id 1002" of stack "xyz" and in the message box:

put the ID of card "card ID 1002" of stack "xyz"

... returns an error "can't find card", even though I can see it in the App

If I rename the card, everything works OK.

This seems like pretty strange behavior so wondering if anyone else sees it.

LC 5.5.0, OSX 10.7.4

lcSQL Software <>

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