Android, Ubuntu, and the JDK

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Sep 26 12:43:26 EDT 2012

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Richard,
> I know this is not ideal, but have you tried with Oracle JDK?
> (ARGH)

Argh indeed.

After their shenanigans with Open Office and other 
formerly-well-stewarded projects (along with their "Please don't program 
in Java" lawsuit they launched against Google, which was an epic fail 
resulting in Oracle not only getting zero from Google but also being 
ordered to pay Google's legal fees) few in the industry have reason to 
trust Oracle any more, which is why the Ubuntu project and others have 
migrated to Open JDK as a more reliable alternative.

I'll try the (Argh) Oracle install and see what happens....

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