artificially causing a field to be left in a script

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Sorry, still not getting it. If I change the contents of a field, it matters not what I do next: click a button or the card, navigate to another card via any means open to me, focus on another field, whatever, the "closeField" message is sent.

What are you doing, exactly, after the text of the field is changed?


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> When you say "clicks to go to the next data", what do you mean?

There are nav buttons.  Each datum contains a couple of dozen fields.
If any change (flag set on exitfield), the datum is dumped to the

> I thought your issue was leaving a field without changing its contents, which 
would >indicate the use of "exitField", whereas "closeField" is sent only when 
the field
>contents have changed.

If someone selects a single field and changes the value, and then
clicks for the next datum, neither closeField nor exitFIeld are
called.  I need to have closefield called if the data has changed,
thus the wish to send a tab to the field.

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