Trouble with export image

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Sep 24 13:44:57 EDT 2012

I seem to be going crazy, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I have an image say "myImage", and I export it with a command like

export img "myImage" of cd "myCard" of stack "myStack" to URL ("binfile:" & somePath &"/"&someFileName) as JPEG

This works, and the file appears, but it is not the right size: I mean if I do

put the rect of img "myImage"

immediately after the 'export', I get the rect I expected from the remainder of my code: but if I look at the actual file with say GraphicConverter on a Mac, then I find the image is cropped vertically.

I suppose I did something wrong, but I can't think what.

Any ideas?



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