QuickTime issue with 5.5.2 (Mountain Lion)?

FORD JR, CURT CFORD at mailbox.sc.edu
Sun Sep 23 23:01:25 EDT 2012

Can anyone else confirm what I'm seeing..

1 drag a quicktime player onto a card

2 click the button in the player's inspector to select a file; .mp3 files are greyed out and can't be selected, even when the option 'All Files' is selected

3 typing in the name of an .mp3 file in the inspector leaves just the outline of the player, with no control bar

4 clicking the button in the inspector and choosing a .mov file, instead of .mp3, does seem to load the file, but the control bar doesn't respond

Is it just me.. ? or are there any workarounds? otherwise this is a big Blocker.


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