Can I develop my IOS app away from my home computer?

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Fri Sep 21 01:33:17 EDT 2012

Hi Howard,

You can use Dropbox for this. Compile an app with one button. The button is linked to a stack op Dropbox. Put the app on your iPhone. Use LC to edit the stack on Dropbox. Refreshing the app on your iPhone gives you the latest changes. Scott Rossi put this on the list a few months ago.



Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

Op 21 sep. 2012 om 07:16 heeft Howard Bornstein <bornstein at> het volgende geschreven:

> I need to be somewhere away from home for several weeks and want to
> continue to develop my IOS app while away. I can bring LC and the SDK to
> this computer. So I know I can develop code and check it in the simulator.
> But is there any way I can get an app loaded on my iphone to test when I am
> not near my home computer?
> As far as I can tell, iTunes won't sync with my iPhone (which would allow
> an updated version of my app to get loaded on the phone) unless I sync to
> the computer where I originally set up my iPhone (ok, it will, but it will
> wipe out everything currently on my phone). Is there any other way I can
> get a new, compiled mobile standalone to upload onto my phone without
> syncing to my home computer? I haven't used Xcode for this but is there a
> way to upload an app directly to the iPhone using Xcode and bypassing
> iTunes altogether? If so, would someone please describe the steps to
> someone who has only used LC/iTunes to get apps onto their phone?
> I am in your debt.
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> Regards,
> Howard Bornstein
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