Skanky ways to play MP3 on Windows XP

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Hi Ben,

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> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for the reply.  The problem isn't how to script playing MP3 files as such - I have a stack that works playing MP3 on most Windows and Mac systems, using the player object.  The problem here is that I need it to work on a particular custom-assembled machine, on which for whatever reason the player object isn't working at all.
> I'm working with RunRev support to figure out why the player object isn't working on this unit; but I need a back-up plan.
> Since Windows Media Player is successfully playing MP3s, I'm wondering if there is a shell script or similar method to get the system to play MP3 files for my stack.
> My other route is that although the player object isn't working on this machine, imported audioclips do play.  But the formats that I'm aware work with audioclips are non-compressed, and therefore we'd have to render the audio into formats which will take up a lot of space.  Hence my second question about any space-efficient formats that work with audioclips.

the compressd AU format can be played as internal/imported Livecode sound!

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