version 5.5.2 upgrade trouble

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Thu Sep 13 16:41:22 EDT 2012


Yesterday, I got notified that version 5.5.2 for the Macintosh desktop was available. I clicked the right buttons, verified my license, and it worked.

Today, I got a similar notification, but the version looked a little different. I can't remember now. Maybe something like 5.5.2-gm??

I was in a hurry. Maybe it's a last-minute bug fix? Probably should have hesitated. Anyway, I downloaded, verified my license, etc., just like yesterday. No problems.

But now 5.5.2 won't launch.

Finder information:

Created: Yesterday
Modified: Today (at the time I did the new installation)
Version: 5.5.1492

Please advise.


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