Skanky ways to play MP3 on Windows XP

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Sep 13 15:41:52 EDT 2012

I'm having trouble using the player object on Windows XP to play audio.  MP3 
files play in the Windows Media Player; WAV files play in LiveCode if I import 
them as audioclips.  (MP3 files of course have never worked as imported 
audioclips.).  But using the player object, on either WAV or MP3 files, fails. 
(I have set dontUseQT to true.)  I'm pursuing this with RunRev support, but 
I'm running out of time.

Are there any skanky ways, using shell commands or similar, to play MP3 files 
on Windows?

Alternative question: are there any compressed formats that work with 
audioclips?  I don't mind that the audioclip is uncompressed, because I can 
import them on the fly, play the audioclip, then delete it; but I am likely to 
run out of disk space (it's all on compact flash) if I have to have all the 
audio as uncompressed WAV.



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