Debug and IDE scripts

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Wed Sep 12 15:13:00 EDT 2012

Peter Haworth <pete at ...> writes:

> When I'm stepping through my code in debug and I step into a call to an
> engine command or function, the debugger simply goes to the next statement
> in my code not to the engine code.
> Does anyone know the mechanism by which the code of engine
> commands/functions is ignored by the debugger?

That's by design to keep you out of trouble in endless loops, etc. If that
doesn't bother you and you won't lose unsaved work you can do a

global gRevDevelopment; put true into gRevDevelopment

from the messagebox. And put false back in there when you're done playing around
in the system stacks.

Note: this will also reveal bugs in the IDE stacks, so ignorance may be bliss.

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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