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I may be misreading the link, and possibly resisting having to deal with writing applescript scripts, but the article shows methods of doing such things as would be considered remote machine control: opening apps, going to sleep, changing system attributes like playback volume, etc. It shows the use of native AS commands such as "quit" and "play", appropriate to the application being addressed.

I assume I could run LiveCode by executing routines as applescript (?). I am reluctant to have to do that. I want to write LC scripts and have them run from one LC machine to another. I see that it is likely the OS that may be the culprit. So, back to good ol' OS9.

Or am I missing something? All the target machines will simply have a block of data loaded into a field. The target machine need never communicate backward to the source machine, which sends that block.

So anyone out there have a simple script? Pseudocode:

tell application "LiveCode" of machine "remoteAddress"
-- here is where I would have normally included a command and a parameter that contains the data
loadRemoteData tData
-- how do it know? where do commands that AS execute derive from LC? Where does it get the associated data?
end tell


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Why have a few more replies to this topic appeared? Wasn't the link I sent a 
good answer?

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