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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 15:58:49 EDT 2012

On 09/02/2012 10:16 PM, Ken Corey wrote:
> Real numbers will be hard to come by obviously, but androidpit seems 
> to claim that they provide for those in eastern europe and russia (and 
> maybe down into the far east for all I know), as they claim to have 
> set up deals with merchant providers in those countries.

Not over here in Bulgaria. NO self-respecting Bulgarian will pay for 
anything is s/he thinks they can
get hold of it for free; as a result no pirate software gets SOLD over 
here - just ripped-off, plain
and simple.

> Android pit seem to be working all the angles.  You must deposit money 
> with them (in multiples of $5, I think), and purchase out of those 
> funds...so there's a tidy profit in the tied-up funds sitting in their 
> account.
> Incidentally, the app we released was on sale for $199.99, the max the 
> Google play store will accept in the US. On AndroidPit it was 
> available for $239.99.  As if they needed even /more/ markup!?!
> Then, you must install an androidpit installer app, setting your 
> device to allow apps from unknown sources.
> So, it's illegal there, and it's /easier/ and *cheaper* on Google Play.
> I guess that I'm saying they probably aren't taking a huge bite out of 
> most people's earnings.
> Gads, I *hope* people aren't stupid enough to buy from them, at least 
> in the markets Google Play inhabits.
> -Ken
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