pirate version of my book...

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 Colin, regarding the pirating of your book, as a publishing company, we are faced with the pirating problem every day, and have someone scanning the Internet each day for illegal uploads of our books.  According to the law, unfortunately, upload sites are not required to confirm that the uploader has the legal copyright to the work.  However, once the publisher finds out about the piracy and informs the upload site of the illegal posting, the site is required by law, subject to significant monetary penalty, to take the upload off their site, which in our experience they nearly always do.  The pirate may try again, so it is necessary for the publisher to keep vigilance.  I'm glad that your publisher will be taking antitheft measures.  Below is a sample of how such communication is legally phrased, between our company and the illegal site.  I bought the print copy of your book (legally) and am looking forward to reading it thoroughly,

Stephen Goldberg, President
Medmaster Publishing Co.

>   Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A), this communication serves as a statement 
>        1.     I am the duly authorized representative of the exclusive rights 
holder for  the book "Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple."
>        2.     These exclusive rights are being violated by material available 
upon your site at the following URL(s):
>   'http://www.2shared.com/file/5RyLi3WX/clinical_microbiology_Made_Rid.html'
>   	3.     I have a good faith belief that the use of this material in such a 
fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyright holder's agent, 
or the law;
>        4.     Under penalty of perjury in a United States court of law, I 
state that the information contained in this notification is accurate, and that 
I am authorized to act on the behalf of the exclusive rights holder for the 
material in question;
>        5.     I may be contacted by the following methods:
>   PH# 954-962-8414
>   Fax 954-962-4508
>   email: mmbks at aol.com
I hereby request that you remove or disable access to this material as it 
appears on your service in as expedient a fashion as possible. Thank you.
>   Regards,
>   Michael Goldberg,
>   Medmaster Inc.

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Subject: pirate version of my book...
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I chanced across this Chinese page:


It has the entire PDF of my book. I'll report it to the publisher (though I 
doubt they'll have the power to do much about it), but thought some of you might 
be interested to look it over. You can decide for yourself if you take the PDF 
and use it, or perhaps go on to get the real thing!



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