LiveCode GUI for JDIFF and JPTCH

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Wed Oct 31 21:44:49 EDT 2012

Hi Peter,

Peter Haworth wrote
> The unix diff command will do all those things.  On WIndows, you have to
> the install the GnuWIn32 utilities to get it.

Actually, I was hoping for a more "portable"
application that does not require installation.

Peter Haworth wrote
> Right now, I use it in my lcStackDiff plugin to highlight the changes
> between any two versions of the same script.  I have enhancements on the
> list to do something along the lines of what you describe but not sure
> when
> I'll get round to doing it.

Actually, it would be useful if the RunRev engine
could provide a command similar to diff for
binary files.

I have tested JDIFF and JPTCH with different
kind of files and it works flawless, but I know
that I should provide digests too:  SHA-1 or MD5
or CRC-32 or all of them are necessary to verify
the integrity of the files recreated.


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