iOS simulator closes right after opening of app

Christophe Leske info at
Tue Oct 30 07:58:51 EDT 2012

Hi there,

i am an old time Director user who recently switched to LiveCode for 
mobile development.
Thanks to Colin Holgate for pointing me to this list.

After trying to figure out how to write and test my apps, I ran into a 
couple of issues which I cannot resolve... sigh.

I am trying to test my app using the simulator. There is an app for iPad 
and one for the iPhone.

I updated my OS to Mountain Lion (which is probably what is causing the 
trouble) and XCode to 4.5.5 in order to get the latest iOS SDK 6.0.

- any previous SDK version does not run in the simulator, it is said 
that the SDK cannot be found (although I am offered a file picker 
showing a director in which there is the SDK 4.3 and 5.0), but it won't 
Probably has to do with the fact that I have uninstalled XCode 4.3.3 

Can one reinstall older SDKs/Xcode versions on Lion?

- even when switching my app to the new iOS6 SDK, the simulator opens, 
shows the splash screen, then recloses the app right away without 
showing my stack.

What gives? Am I missing something?

I feel like upgrading to Mountain Lion was not such a good idea after 
all and I should have stuck with Lion instead - sigh... no downgrade 
possible I guess.

Although this is my first post, I am already so tired of all this 
up-,down- and sidegrading issues. I switched to the mac thinking that i 
would "just work".

Was apparently mistaken...

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide,

Christophe Leske

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