Script problem

Charles Szasz cszasz at
Wed Oct 24 23:31:41 EDT 2012


Thanks for your generous script suggestions! I did not expect to hear from a LC expert as yourself!

I tried both of your script suggestions that were in your previous email.They show the number of the card and the number of the checkbox that supposely had a blank custom property, uMyLabel. However, I went to each card and examine each checkbox for the existence of a custom property, uMyLabel, and found that each checkbox on the card that was reported to have a blank uMyLabel actually did have a string for it. 

I also again went through each of the more than 800 checkboxes in my project and did not find any missing strings. So, I don't know what is accounting for the five blank lines in my field "recommendations".  I also checked for any invisible checkboxes and found none. There is also no group scripts for these checkboxes. 

If you have more ideas or suggestions, please share them with me. 

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