[semi-OT] iPad emulator for Windows

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:20:48 EDT 2012


I wonder if one can try running Macintosh standalones on this thing to see
whether they will function on real iPads?

Depends on Adobe Air.

1. Running OK in VMWare Windows XP; accessed a Rutles video on YouTube
     (The Rutles are the group the Beatles ripped off).

2. Working fine (surprisingly, perhaps) under WINE 1.5.15, although as 
haven't bothered
     to fiddle around with WINE to have internet access (why would one 
ant it) I really
     cannot say how effective that is via iPadian on WINE.

Hey, fairly recherche, what? running an iPad emualtor via 2 other 
emulation systems.

How one loads an external execuatble eludes me right now, but . . . . LOL.


Of course an awful lot depends on what is 'under the hood' in iPadian. 
Why do I have a funny
feeling the whole thing may be a bit of a fake? It does seem unlikely 
that somebody has
reverse engineered the whole OS in some sort of clean room and 
reimplemented it in iPadian.

Having looked at various browser-based iPad "emulators", this has to be 
less crappy than they are,
at the very least.



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