Explicit Variables again

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Fri Oct 19 13:06:06 EDT 2012

That explains a lot, thanks Richard.  I admit I had not been understanding
your posts but I think this clarifies it.  I assume this is what happened
when explicit variables were first implemented but that now the situatio is
as you described in your email with the script of the "Apply" process.
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On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at fourthworld.com>wrote:

> Remember that LiveCode is dynamically compiled - the only copy of a script
> stored with a stack is the source copy, not any tokenized version.  So
> whenever you open a stack, as part of the unpacking its scripts are
> dynamically compiled - and that's when the compilation error will occur.

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