[ANN] Quartam PDF Library 1.1.4 Available

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 11:53:23 EDT 2012

This maintenance update to Quartam PDF Library fixes a bug with text line height in tables, and extends the supported text alignments with 'leftJustify', 'centerJustify' and 'rightJustify' for textflows that are more pleasing to the eye.

The cross-platform .zip archive can be downloaded at: <http://downloads.quartam.com/qrtpdflib_114_xplatform.zip>
A web page with LiveCode Server / On-Rev demos is available at: <http://quartam.on-rev.com/qrtpdfdemos.irev>

Quartam PDF Library for LiveCode - version 1.1 introduced support for transformations, transparency and blendmodes, gradients, clipping, text box fitting, inserting pages, compression, experimental support for including EPS files, as well as support for LiveCode Server and On-Rev. It is released as open source under a dual license (GNU Affero General Public License / Commercial License).

Jan Schenkel. 
Quartam Reports & PDF Library for LiveCode

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