Poll/Ann: Desktop Video Externals

Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Wed Oct 17 08:51:59 EDT 2012

Hello friends,

for a some of our projects we developed a couple of externals and we were 
wondering if you would eventually be interested, before we put them into the RunRev marketplace
or somewhere else for sale.

Important hint:
I am "only" the programmer of the projects, but NOT for the externals not am I the decisisonmaker, 
so do only ask me technical (concerning Livecode, NOT the C code of the externals) questions :-)

OK, here some details...

1. XMediaPlayer (WMP) Windows, 116 KB
This is a "bridge" to DirectX on Windows and lets you play any videoformats supported by WMP.

In case you didn't know there are some free codec collections for Windows which will let you play 
more videoformats like MP4, FLV etc. with WMP: 

2. XMediaPlayer (VLC) Windows, 105 KB, but requires a folder "plugins" = 40 MB!
For a newer project we needed support for more file formats, so we had this newer DLL developed.
This one uses the VLC libraries and lets you play any VLC supported video files.

We currently only have a Windows version ready of this, but if there is BIG interest we might develop a Mac version, too.

3. XVideoJoiner Mac and Windows, 17 MB 

This one does this:
a. Get movie info: Duration in seconds and width/height of a video file

b. Extract one or more movie frames to a JPEG file in any given size.
You can supply one or more times in the video to extract the JPGs from that time.

c. Create a new video file (MP4!) from one (so you could use it as a video-converter!)  or more videofiles in three different qualtities 
including the option to add a MP3 as background sound and mixing the mp3 <-> video sound . 

This is multithreaded, so the export will work in background and with a callback you can supply a nice progressbar.

If you are intested, please send a mail to: <klaus at clipshaker.net> with "video external" as the subject and the external you are intested in in the body.
All mails are of course NOT binding to a later purchase!

Thank you for listening :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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