force "dimmed hilite" of datagrids?

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Tue Oct 16 11:46:37 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Am 16.10.2012 um 17:05 schrieb Klaus on-rev <klaus at>:

> Hi friends,
> I have a couple of datagrids (TABLE) in my stack, same template, different names
> and set the "dimmed hilite color" prop correctly.
> I use them as a replacement for "list fields" since they change the hilited text color,
> which "list fields" in Livecode still don't...
> But only the first datagrid correctly DIMS the hilite, the others stays in the set HILITE color.
> Any hints on how to force this behaviour?
> I tried:
> dispatch "focusout" to grp "the other datagrid 1"
> with no success.
> Even clicking a button with its "traversalon" prop set to true does not help.
> I already experienced this in the past with other (and partly more complex) datagrids and 
> suspect this is a bug :-/
> Any hints heavily appreciated!

OK, after qutting and restarting Livecode it seems to work correctly, 
this really frustrating nevertheless.

Thanks for all hints so far! ;-)



Klaus Major
klaus at

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