Unpopularity of global variables - why?

Guglielmo Braguglia guglielmo at braguglia.ch
Fri Oct 12 17:50:23 EDT 2012

*Holy words Bob !!!*

This would be the most sensible thing ...
... the "global" declared for one MainStack should be valid only in his 
context and not for any mainStack opened !

But unfortunately is not like that so ... use with caution ! ;-)


On 12.10.2012 23:25, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I don't think that globals are a bad thing, but I do think they should 
> only apply to the stack they are defined in, or else have another 
> class of globals called stack or application globals (or how about 
> both!). That would solve the vast majority of cross globalization. 
> (Hey I think I coined a new term!

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