Seeking advice for iPad apps

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Fri Oct 12 17:31:21 EDT 2012

I have a fairly general question and a fairly specific question that I need advice on.

I am starting to make iPad versions of some of my apps and loving the process. However, I am not capable of using native controls and I design all graphics, icons, etc. myself. These are of course not scalable by iOS, so the general question is this;

I am starting with retina display, but there are of course a hell of a lot of on non-retina iPads out there. It seems that I have 2 choices to accommodate this. I could make 2 separate apps, on for retina and one for non-retina or I can construct the app in such a way that it essentially contains both, and the stacks that are saved into the documents folder on first launch are determined by the iPad resolution. Since there are a lot of graphics items, and they are already big on non-retina and positively huge on retina, the resulting app would have a very large file size and might be slow to launch.

Or again, two separate apps. The problem with this is that a user who has the non-retina app and later buys a retina iPad cannot just re-download it for free because it isn't the same app (I am assuming this). This is obviously very bad.

Has anyone faced this dilema and if so, what choice did you make and what was your reasoning behind the decision?

There more specific question deals with pop-up,pull-down, option buttons with sub-menus in iOS. At least in the simulator, pop-up and pull-downs don't work and an option menu button displays the options the way I am used to see it on my iPad, but the submenus of the choices don't seem to work. To clarify, I am talking about those option menu buttons where the options appear in a sort of frame. Touch an option in that frame and the submenu slides into place and a button pointing back to the option you chose appears on the top left of said frame. Very typical in iOS. Is this somehow possible to achieve in liveCode without using native controls? I have been thinking of ways to do this with code and non-native controls, and I am convinced that it isn't that hard to do, but it would be nice to avoid this if possible.

Any tips are as alway very welcome!



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