Another reason I so dislike the LC IDE

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Fri Oct 12 14:34:34 EDT 2012

On 10/12/12 9:09 AM, wrote:
> When I close a stack, the LC IDE insists on asking if I want to save it even
> when unnecessary (auto-save is built in).
> I have tried these to no avail...
> on closeStack
>    lock messages
> on suspendStack
>    lock messages
> on closeStackRequest
>    lock messages
> Anything else? The culprit looks like an IDE backscript, but darned if I can
> find it and I cannot trace into it.

That's the one thing that bugs me the most too. Here's the fix:

  put "" into gREVStackStatus[the short name of this stack]

The problem is that it will get reset quite a lot, and you can't trap it 
on closestack because the IDE gets the closestack message first. I don't 
try to fix it very often because you have to manage it everywhere, but I 
have a couple of stacks where LiveCode's dirty flag only occurs on 
closefield, and so I insert it into a closefield handler to clear things 

Since I do open stacks in both LC and MC, I wrote this handler:

on clearRevGlobal
   if there is no stack "mctools" then
     global gREVStackStatus
     put "" into gREVStackStatus[the short name of this stack]
   end if
end clearRevGlobal

Then I just call that repeatedly as needed.

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