Strict Compile Mode

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Oct 11 19:55:00 EDT 2012

Peter Haworth <pete at ...> writes:

> It's definitly true if you want to refer to it as a global when the script
> runs, I agree.  But I got the impression from Mark's post that perhaps the
> compile process (or I guess more correctly the Apply process) recognises
> globals that have been defined in other scripts and not in the current one,
> that's really what my question is about.

Once a script declares a global, it's in memory. Other scripts/stacks can use it
or not, but if you try to declare a local variable with the same name you'll get
a conflict because the global is still hanging around. Normally I think of this
as a nuisance, but Chipp Walters once showed me a very clever way to take
advantage of this "feature".

 Mark Wieder
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