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Jonathan Adams adams at
Thu Oct 11 11:15:39 EDT 2012

> The sunnYmidie interface looks a LOT more complicated than the interface of shakobox (which uses PlayCommand Agent X).  I'm basically looking for something that will mimic the old Hypercard "play" command, which wanted an instrument, a tempo, and a note or list of notes.  Unless I'm misreading the tutorial, sunnYmidi is way too complicated for my students.

Hi Marty,

I am finding sunnYmidi extremely easy to use. Of course, because it has so many options it is easy to miss it but:

1) On startup, turn it on with: SunnYmidi.Start user, key    --user and key are provided when you purchase.
2) when quiting, you should turn it off with: SunnYmidi.Stop

3) To play notes it is: SunnYmidi.Play channel, duration, volume, note  --put 1 into channel unless you need multiple channels, duration is milliseconds, volume 1-128 and pitch (60 is middle C)

4) Finally, you can change the instrument assigned to any channel with SunnYmidi.Set channel, "instrument", id  --id being standard GM voices (1 is piano, 74 is flute, etc.)

Lots of other commands that you could use if you want but probably aren't necessary for what you want to do. You might however want to look at the command that emulates the hypercard player: sunnYmidi.HCplay channel, volume, "c3w d3h e3q f3e"  --although I haven't actually tried this command.

Hope that helps,


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