iOS simulator won't (still) work

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Tue Oct 9 08:02:34 EDT 2012

Thanks again for the reply Colin!

> Something that may help narrow down the issue, what happens if you give the app a custom icon? Does it then show that icon and fail to open, or is it still a white icon?
> Which version of LiveCode are you using, and which iOS version?

I quickly made a test icon (72 X 72 saved as .png 24) and in the iOS standalone settings clicked on pre-rendered.

In the simulator the icon showed up properly but the result was the same - it just slides up and left, returns but nothing else happens. And when I double-click the home button, the icon shows up in the running apps.

liveCode 5.5.2 build 1492

OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Xcode 4.5.1

I still think I am overlooking something obvious but have no idea what that could be.

The full standalone application settings:

Build for iOS   iPad    3.1.3 or later    universal

myTestApp    version 1.0.0


Profile   myProfile (which is what I oh so cleverly named my profile;-)

no externals

prerendered icon

no splash screen


no custom URL scheme

no requirements and restrictions

status bar visible - default



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