Put URL and garbage in result from PHP

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Tue Oct 9 05:02:40 EDT 2012

Thanks Mike,

You're right, the garbage indicates the amount of data. If I use only one echo command at the end of the PHP script, then I get 1e550, which equals the the total amount of data. Oddly, I get an additional 2 at the end of the data, followed by 3 linefeeds and a 0 and 2 more linefeeds.

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On 9 okt 2012, at 04:59, Michael Kann wrote:

> Mark,
> The filler "1f41" is the hex number for 8001 decimal, which is the number of bytes of real data that is coming next. It looks like it is telling you how many bytes you are going to get (in hex), then giving you the bytes you want. The "1e7d" at the end might be the number of data bytes left over that don't fill out the last chunk of 8001.
> Why it does that I don't know.
> Mike

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