[ANN] Midi external for MacOsX

Thierry Douez th.douez at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 11:26:28 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Special offer at http://sunny-tdz.com in October.

sunnYmidi v2.0,a Midi external for MacOsX is available!

sunnYmidi-lite (previously sunnYmidi v1.0) is also available!

Right now you can download a full working Livecode tutorial with a trial
version of sunnYmidi at:

  http://sunny-tdz.com/dwn  and select "sunnYmidi demo v2.0"


- manages all your midi IN and OUTPUT devices, physical or virtual.

- sends raw or sysex midi datas to your own devices.

- triggers your Livecode handlers with incoming Midi notes!
 	       (Livecode is a destination device).

- enables Livecode to monitor existing midi channels.

- is fully compatible with version 1.0 (renamed sunnYmidi-lite)

You can read the documentation here:

For sunnYmidi and sunnYmidi-lite:
  easy fast Midi Player:         http://sunny-tdz.com/art-1000
  playing sounds a la Hypercard: http://sunny-tdz.com/art-1010
Only for sunnYmidi:
  tutorial to connect Midi Devices: http://sunny-tdz.com/art-1011
  sunnYmidi version 2.0:      http://sunny-tdz.com/art-1012

Kind regards,


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