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Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Thu Oct 4 19:08:54 EDT 2012

Pierre, Pierre, I have been running World Of Warcraft at high graphics settings on both my iMac at home, and my laptop, for years. I've run my laptop at my Dad's house on the hottest of days there. One is almost 4 years old the other almost 6. Neither have burned up. Not sure what you are doing with them, but if you are only getting 1.5 years out of every mac you have ever owned, I would have to say check the power at your place and put some kind of UPS in line because DAMN. 

Also, just because a hard drive fails does not mean the computer is wasted. Also, I administer n 400 node network. About 60% of our computers are Macs. I have next to my desk all the laptop bodies of the laptops that have failed completely. There are 5 of them. 2 are G4's. Two more were motherboard failures. The other was a monitor burnout. Macs have historically been INCREDIBLY reliable for us. I'm not just a Mac hack. I work in the field of IT every day and have for 20+ years. 

Also, if you can show you only got that much life out of BRAND NEW macs and there was no abuse involved, you could go back to Apple and they would comp you a new one I am sure. Sorry, but I call BS here.


On Oct 4, 2012, at 3:50 PM, Pierre Sahores wrote:

> Yep... and, in about Linux/Asus versus OSX/Apple, i would really prefer to rely on the first kind of config for most of my LC coding and other numeric tasks, at least for 2 main reasons :
> - in my experience, over the last decade, in average, 18 months is a standard Mac live time. Short, is't for 2000 bucks each box ? On other hand, my Asus/CentOS configs never give up until i replace them by more recent boxes...
> - No way to run games production AI solutions with top at 100% on a 24/7 basis on Apple platforms. They would just burn their unibody cases and die in less than 24 hours...
> But too bad, iOS dev need macs (at least to make the workflow as simple as possible...). To bad again, LC stay still, in about mobile/desktop dev, less usable on the Linux platform than it's on the OSX and Windows ones...
> Would be really helpful to, perhaps !, see the situation change a the near ;)

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