[ANN] Free 'Clearview' desktop clock

FlexibleLearning.com admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Thu Oct 4 16:12:00 EDT 2012

A freebie for the LiveCode community...


I suspect I am not alone when squinting to see the time on my screens. I
also don't need the weather, barometric pressure, a count-down alarm, moon
phase or the time in Timbuktoo. This 'clearview' clock is millisecond
accurate, displays in your own language and simply does what it says on the
tin... No feature-bloat, no bells or whistles, no complications, just a
really useful thing to have and it looks good too.

Available for Windows and Mac OS X and written entirely in LiveCode

Feel free to share it around and use as you wish.


With best regards,

Hugh Senior
Home of ChartMaker, DatePicker and The Scripter's Scrapbook

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