[ANN] sunnYmidi V 2.0 ( MacOsX)

Thierry Douez th.douez at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 01:53:23 EDT 2012

Hi Mike,

2012/10/3 Mike Bonner <bonnmike at gmail.com>:
> is sunnYperl  available? Think I checked at
> one time and couldn't locate a download but its been long enough ago that
> i'm foggy.  Would love to try it.

Go to http://sunny-tdz.com

In the download page, you have 2 versions of sunnYperl, depending on which
version of perl they are linked to. One for Mac, another one for Windows.
The funny thing is that I did worked the most with a unix version for
years (with Metacard),
but unfortunately, it's not available in my site for few very
reasonable reasons...

Just a reminder; Bioarchimed is an industrial product made with
Livecode and Perl.
It has been used endlessly in some laboratories for cancer health..
(Check my site)

If you really are interested, I'll be happy to talk more deeply about
this but better to
email me off list.



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