Debug and IDE scripts

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Oct 3 16:37:44 EDT 2012

Hi Mark,
In connection with my continuing problems in lcStackbrowser,
I remembered you sent me an email about debugging the IDE.

This is concerning the problem in opening a stack when the open is preceded
with an answer file dialog for the user to choose a stack.

To add to the mystery, if I set the global variable you mentioned, then
everything in lcStackBrowser works fine.  WIth the global variable set to
false, the original problem remains.

I don't see any runtime errors in any IDE handlers with the global set to
true and if I set a breakpoint on the open stack command, I get to the next
line in my code without going through any IDE code.

Obviously I can't set the global in the product so I'm wondering if you
might have any other thoughts on why setting it should make things work?
 I'm setting it in the message box by the way, not in my script so the
script code is exactly the same in both cases.

lcSQL Software <>

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at>wrote:

> global gRevDevelopment; put true into gRevDevelopment

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