What Apple,Microsoft and the Rest of Them Don't Get

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
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I agree Lynn. I was going to post on this that I didn't really see a coherent point in the article, or that he wasn't making his point very well. It ended up sounding like someone who was frustrated because something he wanted to do didn't work, and he is picking the biggest thing he can find to throw rotten eggs at. 

I could have made his point better by showing that Apple has been making decisions lately that don't seem to advance the user or the developer's experience, but seem to be change for changes sake. Now you can pin THAT tail on the Microsoft donkey pretty easily as well.  


On Oct 2, 2012, at 11:38 PM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> Not too far OT, apropos some recent discussions here:
> http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2012/09/29/what-apple-microsoft-and-the-re
> st-of-them-dont-get/
> Very interesting, but he mixes together some things that do not seem to me
> to go together, and he's failed to make himself an informed buyer. I like
> this one:
> "Meanwhile one of the pieces of software you usually use, that you need to
> access right now to get some data, has stopped working because it conflicts
> with some time-saving application you installed yesterday."
> He complains the the makers treat their products like toys. But he's acting
> like the equipment is his own personal toy.
> The problems as I see them:
> - Consumer products brought into the business. You only have yourself to
> blame, because consumer product lines generally get some form of update
> every six months.
> - Relying on (web) services where you cannot control your own updates.
> Someone decided price and convenience were more important than a consistent,
> controlled platform.
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