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On 10/1/12 5:14 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> As far as
> identity theft, I am not sure how having a picture of me can induce a
> bank to start up an account with my name.

 From the research paper:

"We investigated the feasibility of combining publicly available Web 2.0 
data with off-the-shelf face recognition software for the purpose of 
large-scale, automated individual re-identification. Two experiments 
demonstrated the ability of identifying strangers online (on a dating 
site where individuals protect their identities by using pseudonyms) and 
offline (in a public space), based on photos made publicly available on 
a social network site. A third proof-of-concept experiment illustrated 
the ability of inferring strangers' personal or sensitive information 
(their interests and Social Security numbers) from their faces, by 
combining face recognition, data mining algorithms, and statistical 
re-identification techniques. The results highlight the implications of 
the inevitable convergence of face recognition technology and increasing 
online self-disclosures, and the emergence of ``personally predictable'' 


 From the original link: "Drawing upon previous research, they were also 
relatively successful at guessing individuals’ Social Security numbers. 
 From there, of course, it is just an automated click to your Google 
profile, LinkedIn work history, credit report, and many other slices of 
private information. "


Once you have enough info, you walk into the bank and open an account.

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