"answer folder" ignores ~/Library

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Mon Oct 1 12:11:54 EDT 2012

In the past when Apple did something that raised people's eyebrows, almost always we found that there was some command or preference that would make it work like we wanted. Not this time. And this change is so pervasive, so fundamental in it's aspect and broad in it's scope, I cannot help thinking that there is a crazed developer genius at Apple that Steve Jobs kept locked up, but has now been let loose and is mind controlling the decision makers there. But seriously, doesn't it feel like the guy who used to sit in the UI interface meetings and say, "That is a really bad idea" has retired? 


On Sep 30, 2012, at 7:37 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

>> Is this behavior correct?
> In OS X Lion and above, Apple has decided that mere mortals should not access the Library folder(s) and has hidden them away. They no longer appear in the Finder sidebar or menus. You need to know secret commands and actions to show the Library folders.
> In Snow Leopard and below, your users will be able to see ~/Library in both Finder and standard file dialogs.

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