Nuts! Where did that go? WTH!

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at
Thu May 31 21:24:43 EDT 2012


I did save the stack.
So, the recent stacks command sees the stack, but when I click on it
to open it -- the computer says "File not found."


Went away from the computer all day. Thanks for the advice so far.
Recap: WIN Vista, LC 5.5.

Tonight I'm able to replicate the crashing on two different instances.
So, I've got it to crash 2 out of 4 times.

Open a couple of stacks. Make them new and hardly with anything in
them as this was fatal to a stack I was working on today.
Make a new test button and then go to put in a new script for the button.
on mouseUp
   copy card
end mouseUp


Then in the debugger window, click on the green triangle icon arrow
pointing to the right, to debug.
Then the dictionary / bottom part of the screen fills with goodies.
Then the green button turns to orange. (Right, copy card isn't a legal script.)
Then if you click the ORANGE button -- the green one is gone -- the
cursor for me SOMETIMES turns into the WIN blue circle and the screens
and all apps freeze.


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