Export display of Livecode app doesn't work

ambassador at fourthworld.com ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu May 31 21:00:27 EDT 2012

Glen Bojsza wrote:

> I just got a response in the way of a work around...
> *As a workaround you can explicitly disable the use of shared memory
> by passing the -sharedoff parameter to the engine on the command 
> line,
> which will allow the app to display correctly.  Note that this
> parameter will also work with any standalone applications built with
> LiveCode.*

Thanks for posting that solution.

> So, my next question is where do you find the list of all the 
> parameters?

Oddly enough, the only place I've found them is in the engine itself - 
drop it on an editor and search for "-ui" - that'll bring you to this 

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